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What Do Your Curls Need? Simple Solutions To Common Curly Hair Problems

What Do Your Curls Need? Simple Solutions To Common Curly Hair Problems

Your curly hair solution key takeaways: 

  • There are simple solutions for many common curly hair problems that can involve both preventative and restorative care. 
  • No two curls are the same, and your unique curls may have different needs than others. 
  • Paying attention to changes in your curls, you can be more in tune with what it needs. 

Despite my curly hair journey being well underway, and feeling equipped with a curly hair routine that works for me, I still found myself face to face with an unfortunate sight - major breakage. At first, I thought that my hair was just adjusting to the cozy fall temperatures, and maybe needed a little time soaking in a moisturizing hair mask. But after my feeble attempts, I was still finding split ends, and clumps of my curls in my hair brush on every wash day. 

So with that fresh on my mind (and a new wet brush sitting in my shower), I come to you with solutions for common curly hair problems you may be facing. 

What do your curls need? Let’s find out together. 

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Your Curls Keep Breaking

Trust me, I know it can be frustrating to find the fallen soldiers in your brush, on your pillowcase or in your hat. Maybe you’re like me and keep finding your hair falling off all over your apartment, or maybe you’ve noticed more frizz than normal as a result of split ends. Though there are a variety of possible factors causing curl breakage, there are some simple ways to combat it in your curly hair routine. 

Curl breakage is generally the result of dry curls that don’t have the moisture they need to brave your day-to-day activities. This can be the outcome of using heat styling tools, a lack of moisture in your curly hair routine, or washing your hair too often and stripping your curls’ natural oils. By incorporating cleansing products that infuse your hair with additional moisture, you can help your curls stay moisturized and strong enough to maintain their shape. Look for products with argan oil, natural botanicals and strengthening proteins that are designed to protect against UV damage and thermal heat. 

Over brushing your hair, or brushing when it’s dry and knotted can also cause breakage. Since our hair strands are more delicate than we may realize, this repetitive action can damage the outer layer of the hair strand (called the cuticle). Though you may think that this is helping reduce the frizziness in your hair, it may actually be one of the culprits! Try gently using a wet brush when your hair is still wet, and detangling from the bottom of your hair toward your scalp. Try to be a little less The Fast and the Furious, and a little bit more The Sound of Music. 

Royal Locks Recommendation: Since this curly hair problem is often the result of dry hair that needs moisture, try our Curl Hydration Set. This trio of super products are made to repair damage, and maintain moisture and hydration in your hair. 

Your Curls Lose Their Shape 

We’ve all had one of those mornings where our waves or curls are really doing their thing, and we step into the world with the confidence of a goddess. Suddenly, 5 o'clock rolls around, and we look in the mirror to find curls that are frizzy, limp or just generally not at their best. Though you can encourage your curls to be defined when they’re wet, there are other ways you can help them maintain their shape throughout the day. 

Though this curly hair problem may seem like an inevitability, switching up your styling routine can make a big difference. By adding your styling products while your hair is still soaking wet, you can fuse your curls together. You may also want to look at how to maintain your curls while you sleep. Investing in a silk or satin pillowcase can help your waves and curls stay defined while you get your beauty rest. 

Consider a product that can activate your curls later in the day, or the day after a wash day. Though many people with curly hair choose to not wash their hair everyday to protect their moisture, there are products that you can incorporate into your day that will add a little special spritz of magic to rehydrate your hair. 

Royal Locks Recommendation: For a styling cream gel that will work amazingly with wet styling, check out our Pro Curl Cream Gel. Your curls will not only be sustainably well-defined, but soft too! If you’re looking for a product to spruce up your curls and activate them during the day, our Party Curl Activating Spray fits perfectly in your purse. 

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Your Curls Have Changed

Like all of us, our curls change and grow up just like we do. You may find over the course of your life that your curls take on a different shape, pattern or texture. I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly normal, and with a little optimization, you can understand them all over again. 

A change in hair texture is a common result of hormonal shifts in the body. Many women experience hair changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. In fact, this hormonal shift is a huge reason why Royal Locks exists in the first place (read Casey’s story here)! Your curls may also change in their shape because of natural hair growth or a shift in climate. 

For curls that seem to be getting dry, brittle or frizzy - try adding more moisturizing products into your curl care routine. Your hair may not be producing the same amount of oil that it previously had, and may need a little extra help keeping your hair healthy. You may also want to try modifying how often you wash your hair, and the amount of product that you use. 

Royal Locks Recommendation: The key for all kinds of curls and waves is a solid foundation. Try using the sulfate-free, and pH balancing cleanser and nourishing conditioner in our Curl Cleansing Set to see your curls in their natural form. By incorporating a balance of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients from the get-go, you can give your hair what it needs to be healthy, bouncy and thriving. 

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  • Posted Candy

    I had straight fine hair all my life until I started going thru menopause. One day my stylist said that my hair was getting really wavy. So now at my age I have really wavy hair. Actually curly in the back. But more Waverly everywhere else. I also still have some not so waves hair in front.
    What can I use for all of my concerns. I have been using the Pro Curl Cream and the Party Curl which I love both. I have bought & tried the shampoo & conditioner also. It makes my hair way too soft to hold.
    Thank you for your help

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