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Making Curls Work For You

High performing, multi-benefit products with simple routines to fit your lifestyle and enhance your unique beauty.

We believe that curls are a unique outward expression of inner beauty.

Our Story

Royal Locks Curl Care was born in 2014 when a classic curly girl got tired of mixing multiple gels and creams to get the benefits she desired. It became apparent to her the curl community was seeking an effortless approach to curl care.

The idea of Pro Curl Cream Gel was born. Pro Curl takes a multi-functional approach to traditional curl care to nourish your locks like a cream and defines and holds them like a gel. Since then, our product line has expanded to offer the best curl support, from shower to style, to give you beautiful locks from waves to curls to coils.

Meet The Owner

It all started with having her first child. When Casey Simmons experienced all the hormonal changes of motherhood, her formerly pin straight hair became wavy. Struggling with her new identity as a mom, her different look added an extra layer to figure out. But it’s just hair, right? Wrong. Casey knew finding confidence and balance would take time, but she liked that her new wavy look seemed to express who she is: unique, approachable and fun. So, she started with the hair.

Of course, finding the right products was a journey in itself! Casey’s research found that many women like her experience changes in hair texture throughout their lives or choose to stop straightening and wear their hair naturally curly. These women were also overwhelmed when attempting to understand how to manage their new curly patterns. Additionally, they too felt a connection between their look and individuality. Changing your hair changes how you feel, and for many it is important to have your look represent the real you.

When Casey discovered Royal Locks Curl Care, she loved that the products worked with simple steps that fit into her new lifestyle while delivering beautiful results.

Now at the helm of Royal Locks, Casey works closely with the brand’s formulation chemist. She tests new products with her curly haired husband, Duncan, and their curly daughter, before going to a diverse panel of curls. Through proven formulas, education, and community support Casey empowers others to find and express their unique beauty. Casey’s vision is to develop high quality products that work hard so you don’t have to and pair them with simple routines and styling techniques that fit into your lifestyle - for curls that look and feel like you.


Made With You In Mind

High performing products that work hard so you don’t have to!

We did the research to create multi-benefit products that balance hydration and moisture, create definition and hold with softness - while taming frizz. Tested on millions of curls.

Simple Routines

Using 3 easy steps: our shampoo, conditioner and one styler, helps your curls and waves stay nourished, healthy, and easier to manage while holding their form. Curls that look and feel like you.

Less is way (way) more

A little goes a long way with our concentrated products. Less layering, less product, for more softness and more definition.

Ingredients to feel good about.

High-grade ingredients and nourishing botanicals. Sulfate, paraben & cruelty free.

Casey’s Favorites

Growing up I had medium thickness straight hair. Years later after having my first child and experiencing all the hormonal changes of motherhood, my hair became wavy! Although I loved my formally straight hair, I decided that this new wavy look seemed to express who I was: unique, approachable and fun. So, I decided to give it a chance. First, I needed the right products and techniques. 

I am so happy I discovered Royal Locks Curl Care and loved that the products worked with simple steps that fit into my new lifestyle, while delivering beautiful results.

Clean Curls Shampoo

To me, this is the sleeper hit that I want to share with everyone. Until purchasing Royal Locks Curl Care and beginning to do more research on caring for curls and waves, I had no idea the benefits of sulfate-free products. Within a couple weeks of using this sulfate-free shampoo, the difference was significant. My hair felt and appeared healthier with more definition in my waves--it was as if they just sprang up. I honestly plan to never go back to traditional shampoos, as my waves keep getting better and better over time since I started using Clean Curls almost two years ago.

Pro Curl Cream Gel + Dream Cream

I love this duo for my wavy hair. Pro Curl’s texture is ideal because it has great “slip” and distributes through waves and curls with ease. Dream Cream has a stronger hold, benefitting medium to thicker waves. Both products do their thing, holding the curls form while moisturizing.

Tip: I keep both styling products in the shower. With wet hair, I squish a majority of the water out, making sure not to wring my hair which causes damage and frizz. Taking a dime-size amount of both Pro Curl and Dream Cream together, I distribute through my waves. Then using a wet brush or fingers, I separate my waves in four to five large sections, twist, and scrunch upwards (preferably with a microfiber towel) to help curls form. Then air dry.

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