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Romance For Your Curls: 5 Ways To Give Your Curls Love This Valentine’s Day, And Everyday After

Romance For Your Curls: 5 Ways To Give Your Curls Love This Valentine’s Day, And Everyday After

Your curly love takeaways: 

  • This year, take the time to romance your curls with new techniques and products
  • There are multiple ways you can give your curls an added boost and help them feel loved
  • Curl care is self care, and embracing your curls can help you embrace your authentic self

We’re all about self care and self love here at Royal Locks, and we believe that everyday should be Valentine’s Day for your curls. Though we hope you’ve found a simple and effective curl care routine that works for you, sometimes a little extra lovin’ goes a long way. 

Try A Restorative Hair Mask

Whenever I’m hoping to give my hair a little extra love, I opt for a deep conditioning mask. Not only does it make me feel good about taking the time to care for myself (similar to when I use a sheet mask), but it leaves my curls feeling silky, soft and bouncy. Hair masks use nourishing ingredients to help dry, brittle hair retain moisture. Look for hair masks with natural ingredients like Argan oil and Macadamia seed oil to get the most out of your romantic wash day. 

Though there are plenty of homemade hair mask options out there - including many that involve egg yolks for whatever reason - we recommend opting for a professional, multi-benefit,  formula that won’t weigh your hair’s pattern down and is specifically designed for curly and wavy hair. Although the purpose of a hair mask is to condition, look for ones with lightweight ingredients like Argan, Macadamia, and Jojoba to avoid that greasy, heavy look after it dries. Some oils (castor and olive) are heavier than others. 

When applying the mask, soak your hair in hydrating goodness, and give it the time it deserves to be fully absorbed before rinsing. Use in the shower to let the steam help penetrate the conditioner. You can even pop a bonnet, non-absorbent wrap, or shower cap over your head while you wait (we suggest at least 15 minutes), just to feel a little bit more like the curl queen that you are. Pop on your favorite pink slippers, and let the hair mask do its thing! 

couple with curly hair in the sun

Deep Condition Like A Pro

Though many people with curly and wavy hair have a deep conditioning product in their curl care routine, it’s often the step that gets overlooked. By the time you’re putting your deep conditioner in, you may be already rushed to get out the door, or thinking about everything you need to do the rest of the day. To give your curls a little extra love on your next wash day, take the time to help your product to get deep into your hair shaft. 

After giving your roots a loving massage, divide your hair into sections, and apply the product thoroughly through each one. Gently use your palms to glide over every section with care. By doing this, you ensure that not a single curl feels left out, and each one feels moisturized and nourished. They don’t need to know that you pick favorites! 

Don’t have a deep conditioning hair mask? The secret is out- just use a leave-in-conditioner. Apply in the shower to sopping wet hair, plopping hair in a shower cap to lock in the steam. The only difference is you don’t need to rinse out. That nourishment will penetrate deep into your hair shaft and stay with you and your curls for days. Extra love for all. 

Gift Your Curls With A New Activating Product 

Okay, so self love is great and all, but what if you’re planning on spending the night with your special sweetie? Investing in an activating hair product can give your curls new life while you get ready for a much needed date night. 

Royal Locks Party Curl Activating Spray is specifically designed to tame frizz, reactivate your curls, and protect against UV damage. Rather than opting to hide your curls in a ponytail after a busy day, a few spritzes can help your curls bounce back to life and be ready for a night full of chocolate, roses and smooches. 

Give Your Curly Hair Routine A Boost

If you haven’t already, going over your current hair care routine can be an amazing way to show your curls some care. The best hair care routines include formulas that are designed for curls and waves, and incorporate high quality ingredients that won’t cause build up over time. Though many hair care products promise to be great for all hair types, products that are specific to curls are more likely to give them the hydration and moisture balance that your hair needs. 

At Royal Locks, we believe that a simple, effective routine is the best way to get your best curls yet. Start with a solid foundation of a lightweight cleanser and conditioner, followed by a nourishing styling product that will help add definition to your curls without making them feel crunchy. If you notice that your curls or waves feel dry, brittle or untouchable, adding a deep conditioning product before you style your curls can help your curls feel healthy and revitalized. 

Love Your Curls By Going Natural 

woman with curly hair and flowers

This goes without saying, but the best way you can show your curls or waves love is to let them be their authentic selves. By avoiding thermal styling tools and letting your curls stay natural, you give them the chance to shine. 

Tips for a great natural curl day:

  • Start your wash day with a curl-friendly cleanser and conditioner.
  • Use a styling product, like our Pro Curl Cream Gel, when your hair is wet or damp to help your curls bind to each other and stay frizz free throughout your day. 
  • Air dry your curls, or use a cotton or microfiber towel to help reduce damage and let them dry without losing definition.

Try a new curly hairstyle, or let your curls fly free! The greatest gift you can give your curls (and yourself) is to embrace their unique shape and beauty. 

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