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What Is A Curly Hair Styling Cream? When And How To Use One

What Is A Curly Hair Styling Cream? When And How To Use One

There is a pretty common push-and-pull with curl-friendly hair products. We’re all searching for something that will give our curls definition and volume, without making them crunchy or uncomfortable to touch. Though I don’t want my hair to look like crumpled tumbleweed when I walk out the door, I also don’t want to look like I used Gorilla Glue to hold it in place (you’re always in my heart, Tessica Brown). If I can’t toss my hair over my shoulder, then what’s the point of it looking so fabulous?

When to Use a Curly Hair Styling Cream

Curly hair styling creams are perfect for sexy beach waves, curls and hair that’s thicker in texture. The best time to use a curl styling cream is if you’re looking to give your curls volume with less frizz. Our Dream Cream gives a strong hold without preventing it from moving as you do. Curl styling creams can also be used on damp hair, rather than straight-out-of-the-shower soaking wet. If you’re on the go, and need your hair to dry faster, a styling curl cream can define curls without as lengthy of a drying process. 

You won’t be able to create a mohawk with styling cream, but you will be able to enhance volume, hold curls in place, and leave your hair feeling soft.  If you’re looking for something simple and versatile to use that creates lasting results, a styling curl cream may be just what you’re looking for. 

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How Does Styling Cream Work? 

When people use styling products, they often have the goal of adding definition to their curls. This means they’re looking to reduce frizz, seal curls in place, and help their curls maintain the structure of their natural shape. The process of adding definition by using a curly hair styling cream, mousse, wax or any product that is evenly distributed through hair is called seam welding. These products create clumps in the hair, and add volume by lifting the root of curls from the scalp. By applying these products over the entire shaft of hair, the hair is defined throughout. 

One of the best aspects of styling cream is that it nourishes the hair shaft, while also taming frizz and adding hold. Since our Dream Cream dries matte, you won’t have to worry about your hair looking oily or wet. The best creams for styling curls have natural oils like argan oil which add additional moisture while styling. For people who have dry hair that craves some extra love, this can allow them to use the product frequently without the risk of breakage. 

Though you might want to give your hair a soft hold throughout the day, you don’t have to compromise on its movement. Styling cream quietly adds grip and volume without overdoing it, or taking away from your curls natural shape. 

How is a Styling Cream Different from a Gel?

When I think about applying sticky, clear gel that I stole from my older sister in hopes that it would give me the perfect “wet” look, I remember it fondly. Though I definitely didn’t use it correctly, and gel still holds a warm place in my heart when I’m looking for a tight hold, there are some distinct differences in the way it adds definition. 

For slicked back hair that’s locked in place, a gel or cream gel will give you the best results. Since curly hair styling creams actively moisturize, some would say it’s a perfect two-birds-one-stone situation. For people who like to streamline their hair care routine, it can feel great to use a product that leaves hair feeling styled, but not stuck in place. Royal Locks has a Pro Curl Cream gel that’s a mix between a gel and a nourishing styling cream exactly for this reason. 

One of the main differences between gels and styling creams is how they achieve control over curls during the drying process. Some gels contain alcohol (not the kind that gets you tipsy) that evaporates as your hair dries. Instead of moisturizing the curls from inside the hair strand, the gel works externally to keep it in place. The binding ingredients in gels help hair clump together, but can also cause damage and dryness over time. Gels also work best with wet styling, especially if you’re looking for a shiny look.

Read The Fine Print

One of the most important things to look for when you’re trying out any new hair product is the formula. Products that contain sulfates and parabens can be damaging to hair, rather than giving it the care that it needs. By using a curly hair styling cream with high-quality ingredients, you can ensure that you’re not only styling your hair, but nourishing it as well. Here at Royal Locks, we like light weight water-based silicones like cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone. We also love products that contain Vitamin E to reduce damage and add a natural sheen. Hair that’s healthy has a glow that can’t be compared. 

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How To Use Styling Cream

One of the best things about using a styling cream is that you can apply it to your hair as you get ready. While you pick out what you’re going to wear to your next holiday party, let your curls dry into formation. By the time you’re out the door, you won’t have to worry about them acting them out as the night goes on (unless you want them to). 

Here’s our recommendation on how to apply your curly hair styling cream for the best results: 

  1. Start with damp hair
  2. Squeeze a nickel-sized amount of product in your palm, and evenly distribute it through your curls. Remember that less is more, and you can always add more later if your hair is especially thick.
  3. For your best chance at getting an even amount of product throughout your luscious locks, use your fingers or a wet brush. 
  4. Section your hair into parts, and twist these sections up to the root. 
  5. Push these waves or curls into a ball in your hand and scrunch them upwards. 
  6. Air dry, use a microfiber towel, or blow dry with a diffuser. 

The Golden Rule 

Our number one tip for getting the most out of your styling cream? No fussing! The more you touch your hair while it’s drying, the more likely it is to start getting frizzy. Trust the process and let your curls do their thing. After the right foundation of a gentle shampoo, and a hydrating conditioner - your curly hair styling cream is ready to seal the deal. Keeping your hair care routine simple but effective will prevent any unwanted build up, and give you the beautiful results that you’ve been craving.

The Best Curly Hair Styling Cream For You

Finding the best styling cream for curls is all about knowing what your curl type is, and what kind of hold you’re looking for. It’s all smooth sailing once you find the perfect products for your needs, and the best ways to use them. 

For people with wavy hair or thick curls, use Royal Locks Dream Cream to define curls, enhance volume and tame frizz. With a strong hold that can fight against the elements, it keeps curls in place without making them feel crunchy or greasy. By hydrating your hair with argan oil and natural botanicals, your curls get shaped without feeling weighed down. 

Whether you’re hoping to get chunky, sexy waves, or define curls and give them a little extra “umph,” curly hair styling cream can give your hair the boost that you’re looking for. For more styling tips and tricks, check our other blogs and join our curly hair community! 

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