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What Curl Type Am I?

What Curl Type Am I?


Ever say to yourself, "What type of curls do I have?"

Whether they are wavy, classic, spiraled, or coily, the beauty of curls is undeniable. These days more women (and men) are becoming confident embracing their curls, and we are glad! And thankfully, we’ve come a long way since the days of having minimal product options for curly hair. However, when it comes time to choose between conditioners, creams, gels, and oils, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. How do you know which products will work for you?


What Type of Curls Do I Have? 

The answers to many curly questions often boil down to your curl type and texture. Not all curly hair is the same and one head can have several different textures and curl patterns. However, having a sense of what type or types of curls you have helps to narrow down what products might work the best for you.

Here's an overview of the main four types we see:


Wavy Curls

This curl pattern is bendable and often has a more definitive “S” shape that lays close to the head. Waves are the least defined type of curls and without proper hydration and care, curls can become straighter. Overall this type benefits from products that create definition and hold it throughout the day. For finer waves, weightless moisture and volumizing creams can help bring out these gorgeous textures.

Hair has a very slight S-shape, tousled textured, and it is often easy to straighten.

More definitive S-shape throughout the hair and can be slightly frizzier around the crown of the head, with curl definition loosening easily.

The S-shape is well defined and begins at the root.



Classic curly hair ranges from loose, bouncy loops to tight, springy corkscrews that can be prone to frizz. These curls tend to have a uniform shape throughout the hair and are often finer in texture than thick curls. They need proper hydration and moisture for maximum softness and strength. For this type, try moisturizing gels that enhance definition while taming frizz. Classic curls can also flatten out at the end of the day or between washes due to moisture loss and gravity. Try a hydrating spray to revive them or switch to lightweight products.

Strands tend to be shiny, large, loose curls with the circumference of a piece of sidewalk chalk. These curls show a definite, well-defined S shape.

These locks are springy ringlets that tend to be smaller in circumference than above. These curls are more voluminous and are prone to dryness.

Tight corkscrews patterns and approximately the circumference of a straw or pencil. Hair is higher in density and often coarser than above and has plenty of natural volume.



This hair type is coily and very tight with strands forming tight curls of zig-zags from the scalp. Coily hair is often fine and high density, although it can be thick or have multiple textures. These beautiful zigs and zags prevent moisture and oils from traveling down the hair shaft to the ends, resulting in dryness, breakage, and frizz. High levels of hydration and moisture are necessary to keep the hair shaft healthy, strong, and springy.

Dense and springy, forming S-shaped coils that tend to be around the circumference of a crochet needle. This type of curl holds a more visible curl pattern than above.

These curls are tightly packed with a Z shape and less defined curl pattern. Rather than curly or coiling, the hair bends in sharp angles. This type is prone to major dryness.

This curl has a very tight zig-zag pattern, sometimes unnoticeable to the eye. The texture is similar to above, but the curls are more fragile and experience the most amount of shrinkage than other textures (about 75 percent).


"What type of curls do I have?" and Caring for Your Curls

All curls are beautiful, unique, and fully you. And they need a little extra love.

Once you can answer the question "What type of curls do I have?" you'll have so much more insight on how to care for your specific hair type. Knowledge is power. Knowing more about what type you most closely align with and what your curls need makes it easier to search for products and to develop your personal curl care routine. At Royal Locks Curl Care, we are here to support your journey in figuring out what works for you. Take our curl quiz to help find what curl type you are and products that would work best for your hair. If you have any questions please search our blog, which has a ton of great information, or reach out to us at curlsupport@royallocks.com if you can’t find the answer.

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