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Is Consistency A Good Thing For Your Curly Hair Routine?

Is Consistency A Good Thing For Your Curly Hair Routine?

As you develop a curly hair routine that works for you, you may be wondering how important consistency is in getting the curls you love on a daily basis. Though it may be tempting to switch up your products on a regular basis, the key to healthy curls that are full of life is consistency. If you find pretty bottles calling your name on a regular basis at the store, it may be time to Say Yes to the Dress and get back to a base routine that works for you. 

We are all about experimenting, trial and error, and finding the best hair care products that work for you and your curly hair routine. The problem with switching things up too often, or not using your products regularly, is that when you do get that perfect hair day - you won’t know which product to thank! Introduce new products individually, rather than in bundles, so you can test them out one by one. 

We’re going to sound a bit like your mother here, but it’s true - consistency is key. When it comes to having a hair care routine that suits your lifestyle, being able to use the same products over time will give your curls the chance to shine on their own. Whether you’re developing a new curly hair routine, or are just curious about how consistency affects your curls, we’re here to give you the tips you need. 

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How Consistency Protects Your Hair 

Though most of us are focused on getting curls that glow and don’t have any frizz, our hair’s health is vital to getting the look that we crave. Our curls need to be treated with love, hydration or moisturization (or all of the above) in order to look amazing everyday. 

The best hair routines follow similar steps - a high quality, curl-friendly shampoo and conditioner, some kind of leave-in product, a cream or gel, and a drying method that won’t cause breakage (such as plopping). This can change for each individual, but the steps all have importance in protecting the strength and beauty of your individual curls. 

Curly hair needs a strong foundation of hydration and moisture in order for curl patterns to form. By using products that are sulfate-free, and pH balanced, you can nourish your hair without causing breakage or build up. Over time, you’ll notice that your waves or curls form more easily, and your hair feels less dry and brittle. Though it may feel like your routine is simple, consistency and simplicity can lead to beautiful results. 

Everyone’s Curls Have Different Needs 

It’s important to pay attention to your own individual needs to understand what kind of curly hair routine will work best for you and your gorgeous curls. For people who live in humid climates, frizz control and heat protectant is going to be crucial. Others who live in drier environments will likely want to focus their styling products to invigorate their hair with hydration. Season changes can also affect definition and dryness, but that’s for another blog to come! 

Just like you have a skin care routine that you’ve developed over the years, your hair will thrive the most when you have a dependable system in place. Even if you may feel a burst of energy, and decide you’re going to implement a 12-step system one lucky Sunday afternoon (we’ve all been there), less can be more when it comes to hair. By taking the time to adjust your routine to match the needs of your life, you can keep your hair shining long term. 

Try Using the Same Products, But Less Frequently 

One of the biggest hair shifts for people with curly hair is realizing that washing their hair everyday causes more harm than good. For most people with thicker curls or coily hair, washing 2-3 times a week keeps their hair clean without stripping it of its natural oils. In fact, treatments that are more intense like hair masks, and leave-in hair oils can actually cause hair to become greasy or hard to manage. By using the right products regularly, but not dousing your hair too often, you can prevent unwanted scalp irritation and keep your curls at their best. 

For people with finer textured hair, shampooing daily may be necessary as the natural oils in the hair can actually weigh down curls. In this case, it’s critical to use high quality products with formulas that don’t include heavy silicones or unwanted chemicals. A shampoo that’s gentle, and a conditioner that repairs without weighing curls down is the dream team that you won’t have to change up over time. 

Your Curly Hair Routine Matters

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Though it takes time to develop a hair care routine that matches your time constraints and curly-hair-needs, once you’ve mastered it, it’s important to honor that and give your hair the consistency it needs. There’s no shame in trying out new products every once and a while, but keep a close eye on how they work with the systems you already have in place. 

Royal Locks has hair care treatments that are simple, effective and give your hair the quality care that it deserves. Using our high-quality, curl-friendly shampoo and conditioner can give your hair the boost that it’s been craving without causing any damage. If you’re looking for more information on how to style your hair when you get out of the shower, check out our blog all about that here. 

Not only will consistency in your routine make your hair look amazing, it will also help it grow in a healthy way. Ever go to the salon and have them cut off more than you want because of split ends? Yeah. We’re trying to help you prevent that as much as possible. 

It’s exciting to find the perfect combination of products and care that will keep your hair healthy, strong and gorgeous. If you’re looking to learn more about how to get the best hair care routine possible, check out our other blogs. No matter what kinds of curly hair questions you have, Royal Locks has answers. 

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