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Curls Against Humidity: Humidity Hacks For Curly Hair

Curls Against Humidity: Humidity Hacks For Curly Hair

In many parts of the country, the shift into spring and summer means a drastic climate shift into warm temperatures and extensive humidity, causing curly-haired women to face unique challenges. With summer right around the corner, many of us in the curly community are trying to find ways to tame the frizz and maintain the curls or waves we desire. Whether you have big, bouncy curls or tighter ringlets, here are some humidity hacks to help keep your hair looking fresh all summer.

Avoid Towel Drying Your Hair

When you’re working against the summer heat and humidity, try to avoid rough towel drying your hair. A regular bath towel can rough up the hair’s cuticle so it won’t lie flat. We recommend using a microfiber towel or even a t-shirt to gently scrunch up your hair with a towel to get the water out. Both options are much gentler on your delicate curls and can reduce the amount of frizz once completely dry.

Use a Deep Conditioner

Doing a deep conditioning treatment will be your new best friend this summer! There’s nothing your curls love more than fueling them with nourishing ingredients. Hydrated hair will be less likely to grasp on to water in the atmosphere, so keeping your hair moisturized is key to preventing unwanted frizz. We recommend using the Crown Deep Conditioning Treatment once a week for super dry, coily hair and roughly once a month for more fine, wavy hair to help keep your hair moisturized and bouncy. 

Use a Satin/Silk Pillowcase

If you aren’t already on the satin/silk pillowcase trend, you will be when you hear how amazing it is for your hair! A satin or silk pillowcase helps by reducing breakage and frizz in your hair while you sleep, due to its smooth texture. Don’t be fooled by some of the name brand pillowcases out there, though. You can easily find affordable options that won’t break the bank on Amazon or through a quick google search! 

Use Caution When Brushing Your Curls

While you may be tempted to brush out your coily curls with a big bristle brush, try to avoid doing so. Instead, opt for a wide-tooth comb to help detangle your hair without causing unnecessary and unwanted frizz. You could also just use your fingers to be even more controlled!

For our wavy-haired friends, we just recommend using caution. Using a brush isn’t necessarily bad for your hair type, but be gentle with your hair while brushing it to prevent damage and breakage. A leave-in conditioner or a cream/gel can help glide your brush easier, and brushing your hair after you’ve put your product in will make sure it’s evenly distributed.

Stick To Your Routine

Everyone’s curls behave differently in the humidity, so while something may work for someone else, it might not work for you. The best way to find out how to control your curls in humid environments is by experimenting. If you get a new hair product, we recommend trying it out several times before tossing it or giving it to a friend. That way you’ll really know whether it works for you or not—your hair may just be getting used to it. 

It’s also important that you stick to a routine. When you have a good routine, your curls will be more predictable and manageable. Plus, you’ll know what really works for your unique hair. Everyone’s curls are different, so finding what works for you is key! 

What are some of your tips for managing frizz in the humidity? Let us know in the comments below!

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