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Old-Why Subscribe to Curl Care?

Healthy curls need different ingredients than straight hair.

Curls need a foundation of a careful balance of hydration and moisture, which is not as important for straight hair. Without these, curls can go flat, dull, or frizzy.


Designed to be together. Using a line of products designed to work together gives you better results, immediately. 

Have you ever combined two products in your hand or worse, in your hair, only to get clumping and have to wash your hair again? Enough said. 

It's a MYTH that changing products often makes hair healthier or look better. Using the same high-quality products consistently helps maintain the moisture, hydration, and pH balance needed for beautiful curls.  

Results improve over time. When you start using products that maintain your natural oils and actively help curl patterns form, curls and waves can become more defined and less frizzy, softer and more manageable. Healthier. Beautiful.

Extra savings. Subscribers receive an additional 5% discount on sets and free shipping over $35 in the Continental USA.

Never run out. With subscribe and save, you have one less thing to think about. Products arrive at your door as often as you choose. No minimum order length.