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Waves have a loose S pattern that flattens easily. They need hydration and styling to enhance their natural definition.


Weightless hydration, definition and volume.

How to Recognize Waves
  • An S-shape that may start on the lower part of the hair or up at the root. Easy to straighten.
  • Sometimes frizzier around the crown of the head

Your Simple Routine


Start with a curl friendly shampoo & conditioner to hydrate, nourish and repair tresses so their patterns are primed to form.


Use “Damp Styling” with Dream Cream to enhance definition.

Apply product to damp hair, distribute evenly using fingers or wet brush if your waves allow.

  1. Twist sections of hair, scrunching upwards to help curls form. Many smaller twists get a curlier look. Fewer fatter twists get a voluminous wavy look.
  2. Air dry or diffuse – not touching your hair. Touching causes frizz. Bonus: damp styling dries faster than wet styling.

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