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Thick Curls

Thick curls have a narrow S pattern which makes it hard for oils to travel down the hair shaft to the ends, leaving them prone to dryness and frizz.


Extra hydration and moisturization to soften curls plus styling creams that lock in moisture.

How to Recognize Thick Curls
  • Springy ringlets or tight corkscrew patterns as wide as straw or a pencil.
  • Thick texture with dense growth and loads of natural volume.

Your Simple Routine


Start with a curl friendly shampoo and conditioner to hydrate, nourish and repair tresses so their patterns are primed to form.


Use a Leave In Conditioner (like Curl Rescue) often. Tighter and more dense curls become dry more easily, so they need an extra boost of moisture and hydration.


When desired, style with a thick cream like Dream Cream that holds and nourishes curls.

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