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Coils are zigs and zags of a fine but densely packed texture. Those bends prevent hair oils from traveling down the shaft to the ends, making coils prone to dryness, breakage, and shrinkage.


Intense hydration and moisture to keep the hair shaft healthy, springy, and naturally beautiful.

How to Recognize Coils
  • Dense and springy, forming a visible S-shape the circumference of a crochet needle.
  • Tightly packed Z-shape with sharp bends.

Your Simple Routine


Use Curl Quench as a Co-Wash: Use conditioner instead of shampoo to gently cleanse and hydrate.


Try Pro Curl Cream Gel, with “Twist-Out”. Create sections of coils ¼-inch to 1-inch wide. Add a drop of Pro Curl to each section, starting at the root, then twist coils around fingers. Repeat for all sections. Dry.


Carefully untwist each coil and add a tiny drop of Pro Curl to the ends while gently pulling the coils apart to nourish and hold.

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