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Classic Curls

Classic curls have a visible uniformed shape of large, bouncy loops and a fine to medium texture.


Weightless hydration and moisture to enhance definition and combat moisture loss, without weighing curls down.

How to recognize Classic Curls
  • Well-defined pattern of large, round curls with the circumference of a piece of sidewalk chalk.
  • Fine to medium texture.

Your Simple Routine


Start with a curl friendly shampoo and conditioner to hydrate, nourish and repair tresses so their patterns are primed to form.


Use “Wet Styling” with Pro Curl Cream Gel. Apply a nickel size to sopping wet hair. Scrunch curls upwards with a microfiber towel to remove excess product and water


Put hair up in a towel for 5-10 minutes. Remove towel and air dry, no touching. Touching causes frizz.

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