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"Wow!! This is amazing. I have tried every product under the sun from drug store bargains to high end salon’s. This is unbelievable from the first application. I am white n have extremely curly and frizzy hair. This loosened my kink and gave me loose soft curls. No stiffness at all my hair never feels this soft. I usually use 3 different products a day and even then I don’t love my hair. Today I only used this n OMG I couldn’t wait to write my review." - Francine13

Pro Curl

"This really did add curl to my slightly wavy hair which covers my neck. I APPLIED it to slightly damp or just washed hair, you don't need to glob it on! I put some in the palms of my hand and "squished" it through my hair, pushing it up to add a little bounce. Shook it so the curls would fall into place then applied hair spray for color tinted hair. NO STICKY HAIR, just a soft hold that sort of swings when its' breezy or you're just being a "girly girl"! It put a big smile on this 76 year old's face." - j.Meyer

Dream Cream

"This curly hair cream gel is the best product I have found for my unruly kinky curly hair! I wash my hair, towel dry, then twist it using this product. I put a little bit more on the ends. When it dries (overnight ), I untwist it in the morning and go! My hair is shiny and full of body. You will love this product" - Cheryl

Pro Curl